National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network

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People often ask how NWCDN came to be. Over the course of time, our members would frequently get asked by employers, risk pools, and insurers for recommendations for attorneys in other states. We quickly recognized that our clients needed access to a resource that would help them locate great attorneys anywhere in the country. We knew we needed something that went beyond what you could find looking in a legal directory. We needed a network of law firms and attorneys who really knew each other.


Because many clients have a multi-state or national presence, we wanted to create a group that mirrored our clients. We carefully selected the top workers’ compensation defense firms across the country, but, more importantly, we found attorneys who are committed to partnering with other attorneys to provide clients with expertise, education, and guidance that is perfectly tailored to their needs. From that, the NWCDN was born.


The NWCDN hosts an invitation-only annual seminar that covers cutting-edge legal and claims management issues. Through our website, our attorneys can be contacted individually and can also coordinate a group response to answer questions about the latest trends. We are frequently asked to complete questionnaires for clients so they can create internal guidelines for handling claims nationally. With members located in major cities throughout the United States, the NWCDN takes each member's hands-on, local approach to workers' compensation law and combines it into a national perspective. It is like having your favorite workers' compensation defense firm in every state in which you do business.


 Workers' compensation is a very important field of the law, if not the most important. It touches more lives than any other field of the law.

It involves the payments of huge sums of money. The welfare of human beings, the success of business, and

the pocketbooks of consumers are affected daily by it.

—Judge E.R. Mills, Singletary v. Mangham Construction, 418 So.2d 1138 (Fla. 1st DCA, 1982) 


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